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UPSC Main: Useful Strategies for General Studies PapersCongratulations! If your name is included in the list of successful candidates for the 2014 Prelims. Clearing the Prelims has definitely boost your confidence. It has surely placed you well above lakhs of candidates. However, your race for reaching your final goal of becoming a Civil Servant is not yet over.
Top 8 Skills Every High School Student Should LearnSchool years are the best time to prepare yourself and hone skills for future. Because what you learn in this stage, stays with you lifelong. Therefore, students should utilize this time to develop the following essential eight skills: Critical Thinking: Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and analyze a situation rationally.
School Exams: How Crucial are Coaching Classes?All over India we see high school students lugging heavy school bags and immersed in exams. The school level competition among Indian students is very high and stressful. Most parents are concerned if the knowledge provided in schools is enough and can prepare their children for tougher competitive exams.
How to Ace the 2015 GATE Exam?GATE 2015 exam is just 2-3 months away and if you have made up your mind to score high then start your preparation right away, without losing any time. Working hard and managing time well is essential to get you through the GATE exam, and to get into a reputed institute for your post-grade engineering/architecture/technology program.
Civil Services Exam: Strategies for Preparing Public Administration (Main)Public Administration is one of the most popular Optional papers in UPSC Civil Services exam. In 1987, it was introduced as an Optional subject. Since then, it has gained immense popularity among Civil Services aspirants. The reason behind Public Administration becoming a popular Optional subject is due to its non-technical, interdisciplinary nature, and manageable syllabus.
The IIT Dream: Ways to Make it TrueThe students who dream or make into IITs can be categorized into two – Some planning at a very early stage and some starting at a much later stage after their first Board/Public exam. The difference may not be pronounced but the early starters have a slight edge over the latter. The competition for the elite IITs is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the world.
Dos and Don’ts of CAT Quantitative Aptitude SectionThe Quant section happens to be one of the most dreaded sections for CAT aspirants. The general notion among students is - Quantitative section is really difficult to crack. However, this is not the real case. With proper preparation and following some time-tested strategies, cracking the Quant section in CAT is quite plausible.
Tips to Write a Good Statement of Purpose for GREBeing able to present your accomplishments well through an effective SOP is a vital step in gaining admission in the choice of your college. The SOP must be created to reflect certain qualities of the candidates which the colleges are looking for. An excellent SOP can increase your chances of admissions highly, post the GRE exam.
How to Present a Presentation Effectively? Learn Few TricksWhether you are a student or an employee in the entry level or CEO of a company, you need to give presentations pitching for your case at some point. So having impeccable presentation skills is imperative to put your message across in the right way. Often the thought of presenting yourself in front of a crowd or audience, put you in a fix.
How to Score High in JEE Chemistry Paper?Chemistry is a very scoring subject if you prepare with proper planning and dedicated study hours. Unlike JEE Physics and Mathematics, Chemistry is less about applications and concepts and more about planning. If you want to make the most out of Chemistry paper in IIT JEE exam, you need to have the periodic table pinned in your memory. Also you must be thorough with formulae and equations.
Useful Tips for Cracking JEE Main 2015Lakhs of students sit for the JEE Main exam every year to fulfill their dream of joining the IIT Club. But only top 20% of the students make it to the JEE Advanced exam. When you are competing for the best engineering institutes in India, you need to be better than your best! Though, there is nothing to worry if you start preparing for JEE Main from now onwards.
Joint Entrance Exam: Preparation Tips for Mathematics PaperJEE (previously known as IIT JEE) is an engineering entrance exam conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education. To crack the JEE exam, students need to focus equally in all the three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. One of the most critical and dreaded subjects in the JEE Syllabus is the Mathematics paper.
How to prepare for JEE Physics paper?JEE is one of the most prestigious engineering exams in India. It is considered as the gateway to the world of immense possibilities. Competing in JEE exam requires focus and devotion to each of the three subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Coming to Physics, it happens to be one of the most loved subjects which brings students closer to the workings of nature.
JEE Preparation: Why it is important to say 'NO' to Common MistakesWhen 13+ lakhs students are appearing for JEE to secure a seat in one of the IITs, you need to be cautious enough to avoid committing common mistakes. Here is the list: Neglecting School Lectures: Remember coaching classes are your supportive plan, don't ever neglect school lectures for that. Often students don't pay enough attention at school thinking they will cover up in coaching class.
GRE Preparation Tips: Winning the Verbal Reasoning Section Many candidates assume that being good at English Language assures top GRE Verbal Reasoning score. This is not true, GRE Verbal is not all about being proficient in English. Like any GRE exam section, it involves identifying strategies, vigorous practice, and patience to read long passages & so on. Of course being flawless in grammar and having a good diction is beneficial.

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