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How to create an Intro Video for your Profile Page on's great that you have created your Profile on ThinkVidya.
How to Create a Video Testimonial on are glad that you are a part of and utilize our platform for connecting with Students/Parents and spreading your valuable knowledge with others. To take our student-teacher community to the next level, it would be great if you send us a Short Video Testimonial on how ThinkVidya helps you in enhancing your Teaching Career. You may talk about… How has ThinkVidya.
How to become a Graphic Designer?If you are dreaming to become a Graphic Designer, then you have landed up at the right place! Here, we will discuss what all is required to become a Graphic designer – whether you hold a college degree or not. Though a bachelor’s degree in Graphic design is always welcomed, it is not mandatory to enter this exciting and creative field.
Graphic Design CareersIn past few years, Graphic Design has emerged as a very popular career option – especially for those who are inclined towards art and creativity. We can find Graphics anywhere and everywhere, whether you are watching a Commercial Ad, or walking through the roadside hoarding or purchasing a product of your favorite brand, you cannot escape the various forms of graphic designs.
What is Graphic Design?Were you attracted by a beautiful brochure you came across at a company you visited or did you like the color scheme of the website you visited sometime back or did you enjoy the animation movie you saw last week? All these are nothing, but different aspects of the vast field of Graphic Designing. Graphic Designing is a form of art for a specific ‘goal’ or ‘purpose’.
Ancient Painting FormsAny aspect of painting is very unique and makes it special. The history of “painting” spans back in time from the pre historic times and is spread out through distinct cultures. The history of ancient painting forms is quite interesting and includes pre historic paintings, Eastern paintings, Chinese painting, Japanese paintings, Indian and Mughal painting forms among others. 1.
Learn all about Pre-Recorded Online Courses at ThinkVidya!With the objective of helping out teachers/institutes to reach a wide range of students, ThinkVidya has introduced ‘Pre-recorded Online Courses’ feature on its platform.
What is Mobile Marketing?With more and more people getting on their smartphones and tablets, Mobile Marketing is on a rise! Statistics show that soon India will lead the world in app market. In the past few years, communication through mobile has increased by over 500%, further leading to more frequent online searches. Mobile Marketing simply means any kind of marketing done through mobiles.
What is Web Analytics?Web Analytics is a process of measuring and analyzing web traffic that a particular website receives. It is a very useful way of collecting, measuring, analyzing and finally reporting the web traffic information in order to get useful insights, increase visitors, and take effective decisions based on these metrics.
What is Email Marketing?In today’s digital world, we assume that anyone can write an email. Isn’t it? We all send and receive quite a few emails every day. However, to your surprise, even today, very few professionals know how to compose emails effectively. Yes, writing an email is an art in itself and requires a certain degree of creativity, focus and control over language.
What is Social Media Marketing?As the name suggests, Social Media Marketing is a kind of marketing where various social media sites are used to gain website traffic. The aim of Social Media Marketing is to share interesting and engaging content that draws the attention of the readers. The content could be in the form of text, graphics, videos, news feeds, instant messages, etc.
What is Search Engine Marketing?SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a form of digital or internet marketing that aims at increasing the visibility of websites or web pages in Search engine result pages. Broadly speaking, Search Marketing consists of two parts: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - which is unpaid, organic and involves free listing. Read more...
What is SEO and why should you learn SEO?SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a Web Marketing Technique of getting web traffic through organic (un-paid) or natural listings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The goal of SEO is to rank a company’s website or web pages higher than millions of other websites in search engines. This is turn, leads to more visibility and subsequently more people visiting your website.
How to improve your Logical Reasoning Skills?You think of taking any entrance test related to Banking, MBA, IAS, or any other, Logical Reasoning will always come to your handy.
How to become a Medical Transcriptionist?Medical Transcription as a career has spread its tentacles firmly over the last decade. A key advantage of this work is that the same can be carried out from the comfort of your home. This is the main reason for the career being a favorite among those who wish to do freelancing.

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