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Self-learning can be quite a challenge. It requires lot of motivation to learn something on your own. For those who lack this drive, courses and tutorials can help them out. In certain cases, a formal degree or certificate proving your mastery in English could be an added advantage. It is for these purposes that attending an online or classroom course is advisable.

Learning from a good teacher will be the fundamentals of gaining good quality knowledge. Hence, joining a good English-speaking course is very important. Many institutes offer diploma courses in English in India. These are available in both classroom coaching and distance learning.

Distance Education Courses vs. Classroom Coaching

Distance education courses in English are ideal for those who are employed. They can learn the course during their spare time and need not spend time for attending classroom coaching. The course materials consist of books for the students to learn the correct the grammar and tips and audio-visual resources to aid them to learn the correct pronunciation, diction and accent.

The only problem with such kind of learning is the ability to keep up the drive to learn. Learning under a teacher with fellow students is more fun due to the competitive factor involved in the process. It drives the students to learn more.

Classroom coaching is more prevalent and preferred form of learning for English-speaking courses. This course is such; there is a need to monitor, to correct the mistakes as and when spoken and to converse with a qualified person.

English Speaking Courses

Listed below are some of the top-notch institutes to pursue your journey towards mastering English:


VETA was founded in the year 1981. It has trained more than 2 million people using its comprehensively structured course materials. VETA has adopted unique and effective teaching methods that people have found worth paying for. There are more than 200 learning centers dotting the map of India.

With its classroom coaching and self-study CDs with special courses for corporate employees, VETA is one of the best institutes to learn English from scratch.

English Speaking and Accent courses from British Council, Chennai

There are separate courses offered for Children and Adults by the British Council. A level testing procedure is done to determine the level of English the person knows and the level of course material to be prescribed. The courses are spread over 3 to 7 weeks.

The courses are available as E-learning and classroom coaching and are available at Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata.


Inlingua is an international language learning center operating in 44 countries with 13 centres in India in 4 cities. It offers online language learning option for users in Bangalore, Kolkota, Hyderabad, Pune and New Delhi as of now. The courses are of excellent quality and will be of more use to someone who wishes to fine tune their English rather learn from scratch.

Spend some time researching your options before you join any English-speaking course. Choose the course based on your present level of English and your requirements.

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