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School Orientation Program for Parents

Many schools organise orientation programs for parents of children who are about to join primary school, middle school and high school.  Such orientation programs are fantastic opportunities for parents to know what to expect in the coming year and also equip themselves for it. They also get to know the teachers in the different classes. The schools explain the pattern for conducting examinations, the extracurricular activities, the support required from parents etc.

Here is a quick look at one of the orientation programs conducted for parents of middle school children in a school in Mumbai.

I think that both parents should attend this kind of orientation programs.

Orientation Program for Parents of Children studying in Class V

Date: 19th July 2008.

Key points discussed: 

  • Kindly encourage your child to read books. This will go a long way in developing good communication skills & language skills. Verbal skills are as important as writing skills.


  • Make it a point that your child reads everyday at least for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. 


  • We also have an orientation program where parents are encouraged to participate and tell stories to children in different classes. 


  • Encourage your children to read news paper every day. 


  • Students must be involved in day to day discussions at home to update their knowledge on current affairs and General knowledge….. Especially these conversations can be had during dinner at dining table. Children can learn about important events in country and abroad. 


  • Teachers at the school have undergone training program on “Safe & Sensitive School” organised by Teachers Foundation. 


  • Parents must encourage positive attitude of children and ensure constructive interactions. 


  • Children should be good listeners as well as they should learn to speak freely. 


  • Nurture the creative skills of your child. 


  • We would recommend that children participate in all aptitude tests as this is going to lay the foundation for success in competitive exams at a later stage. 


  • Even if a child wants to study commerce, foundation in mathematics is very important. 


  • Exaggerate about your child’s strengths, shower praise on him and gently highlight his/her weaknesses. 


  • Sample booklets for all the aptitude exams are available in the school library which the student can avail of. 


  • From middle school onwards, children should develop the art of writing with a pen, if possible, in cursive writing. 


  • ICSE board is kind towards children; they also encourage application-based, higher-order learning.


  • For children both of whose parents are working and even where one parent is working, it is important to spend quality time with the children. 


  • Ensure that your children dress up well as this will boost their confidence. 


  • Every Wednesday & Friday, the Tiffin should compulsorily have fruits, salads, sprouts. 


  • Do not stuff the lunch boxes with more than what the child can eat. 


  • Children are not encouraged to stay in the school premises beyond the school hours. 


  • Monitor your children when they are surfing the net. 


  • This year, we shall have two unit tests, one internal test [project based] and two semester exams. 


  • Quiz Competitions are being held every week. 


  • Many parents are complaining that school bag is heavy. Teach children to pack the bags according to the time table. 


  • Please parents do have a look at the school diaries and keep a close watch on your ward’s progress. 


  • Ensure that your child has physical activity – badminton, other sports, extracurricular activities like music as this can improve concentration of your child. 


  • Encourage your children to eat vegetables and let them have a balanced diet. 




  • Discourage the use of cuss words like “Damn, Fly, Shit etc”. 


  • Besides homework, 1 hour of learning everyday + 2 hours per day to be spent during the weekends revising. 

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ZZZ | Within 2 months

Reading habit must be inculcated from the beginning, but it should be more over based on willingness of child. For willingness of child, homely atmosphere should promote reading habit. As for example, if parent sit with child to read, it will be more supportive. Trying to divert children more towards examination and competitions are not at all recommended. Rather to stress more upon scholastic at home, child can have ambiance of creativity and easy going schedule. 'Parents are asked to have track of school diary for child progress'. Dont you think that the sentence is funny and reflecting low about school academics. Rather to force parents to send green vegetables, teachers must ensure that lunch has been eaten properly and completely by children. Nowadays, softwares are available in market to prevent illegal sites on computer. Parents can keep computer in common place at home so that child will be free from 'under surveillance' feeling.

0 | 0

mary jose | Within 9 months

the outline given here is good . more illustrative demos can be put up . like the ones taken in schools .
an idea can be developed . a good try .

0 | 0

gracy samuel | Not Recently Active

these tips are very much importent to follow. i do agree with this

0 | 0